For the May 2017 Flight:

Guardians must submit an application on line,

 and attend a preliminary

 meeting, or they will not be allowed to fly.  

Contact your Flight Liaison for details.    


Why do veterans need a guardian?  

Each veteran is assigned a guardian, regardless of age, health or ability. A veteran may choose ONE “Personal” Guardian to fly with him or her; generally this is a next-generation close relative or family friend. Spouses, partners, and significant others are NOT eligible to be guardians.   A guardian is responsible for the safety, security, and well-being of the veteran while on the trip; it is a much coveted privilege and responsibility.  Escorting World War II Veterans on what will be one of the most memorable days of their lives – and yours- is something we ask that you take very seriously. Veterans who do not nominate a Personal Guardian will be matched up with a Volunteer Guardian.

>>>>The Application Committee reserves the right to decline a Personal Guardian applicant based on need, available space, or qualifications of the Personal Guardian. Receipt of application does not guarantee a seat on the flight; all applicants must pass screening first.>>>>  

I don’t know a WWII vet, but I still want to volunteer as a guardian. How do I do that?

Our Volunteer Guardians are carefully screened and trained prior to receiving the responsibility of flying with a veteran.  They are selected after having first volunteered within our organization in other rolls.  If you are interested, please click here and fill out our on-line Volunteer Application.

What are the expectations of a guardian?    

ALL guardians (both personal and volunteer) must attend a mandatory screening meeting first. Applicants will be processed, reviewed and then approved or denied.  Not all guardians are qualified to fly with a veteran.  It is a long, tiring day!  ALL Guardians must attend the MANDATORY Pre-Flight Orientation Meeting with their veterans.

Below are Guardian Candidate REQUIREMENTS:

  • must attend a mandatory Guardian-only Preliminary Meeting
  • must be able to pay their own way
  • must live in the KC Metro area.
  • can not be a spouse, partner, or significant other of the vet
  • can not be disabled or injured.
  • must be under the age of 70
  • must stay with the veteran at ALL TIMES while in D.C.
  • MUST be willing and able to provide the ADL (Activities for Daily Living) care to your veteran

I meet all of the requirements, and want to be a guardian for my veteran parent/grandparent/close family friend, what do I do next?   

Click here to be taken to the on-line Guardian Application.  Please mail the veteran application FIRST, and include a note that you will be submitting your on-line application. ALL guardians are required to pay their own way.  The cost ranges from $500-700, depending on size of the aircraft, number of participants, and other variable factors.  Reminder: Applying together does not guarantee that your GUARDIAN application will be approved.