Flying as a guardian is BY INVITATION ONLY. 
The Guardian Application is not available to the public. 

The Volunteer Application CAN NOT be used to apply as a veteran's 

guardian, and will not be considered as such.

Once a veteran has been invited to fly, he or she may nominate 

a PROSPECTIVE next-generation family-member  personal guardian.  

Not all veterans will be allotted a guardian seat.

  Guardians must be approved in order to fly.  

Volunteer Guardians are individuals who have volunteered with HHF and
have been invited to submit an application to fly.  This does not guarantee

 there will be a veteran in need of a volunteer guardian.  These invitations 

are based on anticipated need of veterans who do not have a family

 member guardian available.   

Guardians must  attend a preliminary

 meeting, or they will not be allowed to fly.  

Contact your Flight Liaison for details.


Why do veterans need a guardian?  

Each veteran is assigned a guardian, regardless of age, health or ability. A veteran may choose ONE “Personal” Guardian to fly with him or her; generally this is a next-generation close relative or family friend. Spouses, partners, and significant others are NOT eligible to be guardians.   A guardian is responsible for the safety, security, and well-being of the veteran while on the trip; it is a much coveted privilege and responsibility.  Escorting World War II Veterans on what will be one of the most memorable days of their lives – and yours- is something we ask that you take very seriously. Veterans who do not nominate a Personal Guardian will be matched up with a Volunteer Guardian.

>>>>The Application Committee reserves the right to decline a Personal Guardian applicant based on need, available space, or qualifications of the Personal Guardian. Receipt of application does not guarantee a seat on the flight; all applicants must pass screening first.>>>>  

I don’t know a WWII vet, but I still want to volunteer as a guardian. How do I do that?

Our Volunteer Guardians are carefully screened and trained prior to receiving the responsibility of flying with a veteran.  They are selected after having first volunteered within our organization in other rolls.  If you are interested, please click here and fill out our on-line Volunteer Application.

What are the expectations of a guardian?    

ALL guardians (both personal and volunteer) must attend a mandatory screening meeting first. Applicants will be processed, reviewed and then approved or denied.  Not all guardians are qualified to fly with a veteran.  It is a long, tiring day!  ALL Guardians must attend the MANDATORY Pre-Flight Orientation Meeting with their veterans.

Below are Guardian Candidate REQUIREMENTS:

  • must attend a mandatory Guardian-only Preliminary Meeting
  • must be able to pay their own way
  • must live in the KC Metro area.
  • can not be a spouse, partner, or significant other of the vet
  • can not be disabled or injured.
  • must be under the age of 70
  • must stay with the veteran at ALL TIMES while in D.C.
  • MUST be willing and able to provide the ADL (Activities for Daily Living) care to your veteran

I meet all of the requirements, and want to be a guardian for my veteran parent/grandparent/close family friend, what do I do next?   

Please mail the veteran application FIRST, and include a note that you will be submitting your on-line application. ALL guardians are required to pay their own way.  The cost ranges from $800-1,000, depending on size of the aircraft, number of participants, and other variable factors.  After your veteran is selected, your vet's flight liaison will be in contact to help you submit your application on line.